Is Moez Eva for daily use?

Skincare and eyecare functions are for daily use to achieve the best results. For normal skin silicone head cleansing can be applied from 5 days to daily. For oily skin we recommend to use the silicone head cleanse function 2-3 per week. We do not recommend to use silicone head cleanse function for oily skin every day because your skins own barrier is the most powerful shield.


How long should the product be used per function?

Cleaning function is supposed to use for 2 minutes or less, for the time that feels comfortable for you. The function will automatically stop when the time is up. The intuitive device vibrations will guide you to change the spot you are cleaning.

Massage function can be used more than 2minutes, as long as you feel comfortable doing it. Our example is 1min or 2 for forehead, 1 min from chin to temple, 2 for neck, 1 for around mouth.

The area around eyes is more sensitive so we recommend eyecare treatments max 2 minutes per eye. Always stop the treatment if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Skincare treatment used with masks is suggested to use maximum 15 minutes.


What skincare products I need to use with Moez Eva?

MOEZ Eva is recommended to use with the products that your skin already loves. If you are trying new skincare products, it's recommended to test the products on your skin first. 

Cleaning – We suggest to use neutral ingredient foams which is gentle to most skin types. If you have dry skin, try to avoid using foams, they might cause irritation. Do not use mechanical exfoliator products, since they can harm your skins own barrier. Mechanical exfoliation: exfoliating substances such as granules of salt, sugar, or even ground coffee or other natural substances.

Eyecare – Cream, essence, mask or extract suitable for eyes.  

Skincare – You can use any cream, essence, mask or extract that suits your skin.

Massage – Essential oil or massage cream for gentle friction that helps to enhance the treatment.


How to remove heavy make up?

Use the golden head with a cotton pad to remove heavy make-up. Take off the silicone ring, put cotton pad on top of the golden head and seal it with the silicone ring. Apply suitable amount of make-up remover on top of the cotton pad. Select from MOEZ Smart app “micro bubble” function to do deep cleaning. Choose “Gentle” for sensitive/normal skin or around the eyes. For oily skin or lip, nose or neck area choose the “intense” level.


When can I see results?

This is very personal and depends a lot on your skin. Typically you can see instant glowing results already after one use. Collagen growth for younger looking skin, we encourage to use the device as a regular skin care routine. 


Are you cruelty free or Vegan?

Yes we are cruelty free and against all animal testing. Our products have not been tested with animals. We prefer collaborating with companies that share our values. 


What is the difference between cleaning function and micro bubbles function?

Cleaning function is for gentle daily cleanse. You can choose the cleansing level that feels most comfortable for your skin from levels 1-16. For sensitive skin we recommend levels 1-5.

Micro bubbles function is for more exfoliating cleanse with the silicone head. With the 18K golden head and cotton pad use micro bubbles function to remove heavy makeup. Both can be used as a daily cleanse for normal skin.


Is MOEZ Eva water proof?

The MOEZ Eva has water proof rating of IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.