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Skincare functions



Pro Skin Care Silicone Brush


16-levels of cleaning intensity gives you the most comfortable and personalised cleaning experience to keep your skin feel fresh and revitalised.



Pro Skin Care Silicone Brush


“Multisonic” + multistage pulsing sonic wave technology mode allows water molecules to produce tiny bubbles that clean stubborn impurities and leave your skin hydrated and rejuvenated.


Level1 | Gentle - Soft and delicate bubbles

Level2 | Refresh - Refreshing accelerated bubbles

Level3 | Intense - Activated rising bubbles



Pro Skin Care Silicone Brush


Massage your face and body using the diamond veneer texture on the side of the brush head. It helps to remove edema, clear the lymph, and tighten the skin lines.

Level 1 | Relieve - Soothing and relaxing

Massage Method

Face: gently push up from the chin to temple and forehead.

Around the eyes: Gently massage the area around the eyes.

Level 2 | Massage - Body Massage

Massage Method

Slowly push up from the lower part of collar bone area.

Level 3 | Kneading & Lifting

Massage Method

Push up from the side of your neck.


18K Gold Massage Brush

Suitable for

Around the eyes (Eye bags & Corner of eyes)


After moisturizing gently massage the corresponding areas around the eyes

with the Gold brush head. It can effectively reduce dark circles, tighten eye bags,

and improve fine lines.


18K Gold Massage Brush

Suitable for:


The Multisonic technology can reach 1000Hz frequency, that assist in the absorption of essence effectively. It can be used with a variety of brush heads.


Massage Method:

Massage the entire face when you are applying a face mask or using moisturising cream or serum. This will help nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin, improve cell metabolism, promote blood circulation, and make your skin look smoother and more elastic.

Two brushes, triple experience

Skincare Silicone Cleaning Brush

Gentle care for all skin types, including sensitive skin. We use the best silicone available from Dow Corning that is medical grade, antibacterial, and durable as well as certified with EU environmental approval.

18K Gold Massage Caring Brush

Pamper your skin with our exclusive 18K gold plated massage head that produces skin loving anions when activated with 1000Hz ultrasonic waves to promote collagen growth. Use with a cotton pad for a deep cleanse and remove heavy makeup.


Intuitive design

MOEZ Eva premium design for  intuitive skincare experience. The petite device and wireless charging are delightful and ergonomic to use. Moez Eva device is wirelessly charged. When you need to charge the device, place the device on charger dock charging icon facing downwards. The magnet attachment confirms the connection.

Home and travel beauty has never been easier, since the device is small to carry and easy to take with you due long lasting battery life. Comes with a travel pouch that carries the essentials. 


MOEZ Smart App

1. Download Moez smart app from App Store or Google Play. 

2. Pairing together with MOEZ Smart App is instant and easy.

3. Turn on bluetooth from your phone.

4. Open the Moez smart app from your phone.

5. Click the device on for pairing.

6. The Moez smart app will automatically find your Eva device and connect it to your phone. 


Benefits of Moez smart app

With the holistic MOEZ experience you can take your skincare to higher levels. Easily control all your massage routines, set reminders or plan your facial massage program, nice and easy. 

- 28 skincare modes to expand new function

- 16 different cleaning levels

- 3 exclusive bubble cleaning functions

- 3 lifting functions

- Brightens dark circles

- Tightens eye bags

- Regain radiance